Training "Gain your Teamwork Skill"

Depok, 7-8th August 2010 - I had followed a training "Gain Your Teamwork skill" in PSJ University of Indonesia. Hmm, having fun with others..with many games, knowledges, experiences, and many more...=).
Started at 09.00 AM on Saturday morning on the 7th August 2010 until the 8th of August 2010,,hmm that was really funny.
I've got many experiences, many knowledges about teamwork skill.hmmm,,nicee..=)

Training day 1,,
We played 2 games in the first day of training. The first game was we made a tower from chopsticks, straws, etc. Hahaha, that was fun, we discussed about the shape of the tower that would we made. The second games called "unruly yarn", we must arranged the yarn to be better and not unruly again without removed the yarn in our hand..hoho, it was really little bit hard, but still fun.hahaha.:D

Training Day 2,,
We played 2 games again. The first game was called "broken square". Hmmm, our solidarity is really important in this games. Togetherness we arranged the broken square. We was helping each others to arranged its. And we successed, we could arranged the broken square. Hmm,niceee..:).hehehe.

Next game was we made the eggs protector so that we throw away that eggs, it didn't crack. hohoho, We successed to make the eggs protector from newspapers, straws, etc.


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