Mini Workshop by LECC& GRAMATA publishing

7th of July 2010 in Istora Senayan, with the stage in front of the Istora in the bookfair event, LECC& GRAMATA publishing have an event "mini workshop+ launching the book of "1000 word we need to know".

Started at 09.00 a.m at LECC office to prepare everything that must be brought in Istora. Buying ID cards, snacks, prepared the certificates, manage the money, books, and all the things.
After prepare everything, we went from the office about 10.15 a.m by taxi and motorcycle.
We arrived in Istora at 12.10 p.m, and we quick prepared everything in the stage, the computer, the printer for printing the certificate, and everything.
At 01.00 p.m the mini workshop had started. Everybody followed and enjoyed the workshop. comed and saw the mini workshop and watched the studying metode by LECC. it was a greatfull and the better moment. The audiences, the teams, the viewers, everybody watched and saw the mini workshop. Tired day, but really enjoyable.

It'll be many big projects for the next LECC programs. Next stop, and I can't wait for the next job..

Enjoy with English..much love for all the teams..


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